SUM covers books, research, and major achievements in the arts by faculty and students at the City University of New York (CUNY).

We’re looking for recent and forthcoming work by full-time CUNY faculty and current students from any of CUNY’s 25 campuses.

RESEARCH: For academic research, we’re looking for papers published in authoritative, peer-reviewed journals or major media outlets (no editorials, letters to the editor, or op-eds).

BOOKS AND LITERARY WORK: We’re looking for new books from trade or academic publishers (no self-published books, no second editions). We also consider poetry and other types of writing published by top literary outlets like The New Yorker.

THE ARTS: We consider works of art that have been commissioned or distributed by major enterprises (film companies, music publishers, major nonprofits, commercial entities); performed or exhibited in major venues (museums, theaters, concert halls); or screened or included in major juried festivals.

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Inclusion is at the discretion of the editors. Materials not included will be shared with the CUNY Research website.