Teaching Disability Studies: New Journal Continues the Conversation


The second issue of the Journal of Teaching Disability Studies is out and online in an open access format. 

The journal’s editor-in-chief, Mariette Bates, is academic director of disability studies at the CUNY School of Professional Studies. 

 “We are extremely proud to launch the second issue of the Journal of Teaching Disability Studies, the only peer-reviewed publication that promotes original research about disability studies pedagogy, and provides a space of experimentation, dialogue, and collaboration for those of us who teach about disability and disability studies across a variety of educational settings,” Bates told SPS

The new issue builds on “conversations we began in our first issue about the ways that disability studies can fit into the classroom, curriculum, and educational programming.” 

Authors featured in the latest issue are affiliated with universities around the country, and their topics reflect a variety of perspectives and disciplines,” Bates says in her introduction. Several articles offer ideas for teaching, including introducing disability studies concepts into physical therapy curricula; incorporating a biography of Helen Keller into teaching U.S. history; and revising a teacher prep course so that traditional students learn alongside students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

In another article, two professors reflect on sharing their own poetry and their experiences as children with learning disabilities labels in teaching special education and pre-service education courses. 

Other articles focus on college campuses: how language, structures and educational practices produce ableism on campus, and a look at three ways in which disability rights and studies have advanced or changed on campus. 

The first issue of the journal came out in December 2019. Bates will soon be calling for submissions for the third issue.

CUNY SPS offers online programs within disability studies including bachelor’s and master’s degrees and certificates.

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