The Fabulous Bacon Brothers’ Sizzling New Song

Making a marriage work isn’t easy — or so couples are often told. But actor Kevin Bacon views it differently. He and his brother, the Emmy Award-winning composer Michael Bacon (Lehman College), express another way to keep relationships going in a new song called Play! from their band, the Bacon Brothers.  

The track grew out of the question that Hollywood’s long-married couples often face: “How do you stay married when so many other marriages fall apart?” It’s a question that annoys Kevin — who’s been married to actress Kyra Sedgwick for 30 years — because the assumption is that it takes a lot of work. “He says it isn’t about work, it’s about how you play,” says Michael, who’s also married. Their funky, groove-heavy song and video capture the playful moments that fuel a long-lasting relationship.

Although the brothers pursued different career paths — Michael as a professional musician, Kevin as a professional actor — their shared love of music has kept the band going. “We came from a household that valued creativity above everything else,” says Michael, who was a distinguished cellist as a child. He taught his younger brother Kevin how to play guitar, and years later a friend heard one of their demos and encouraged the duo to book a show.  “It started very low-key,” he explains. “Now it’s been 25 years.” 

Michael has found that he and Kevin work best when it comes to confessional songwriting. “We take things that are part of our lives, and use them as inspiration to generate an entire song,” he says. Speaking about Play! he explains, “It’s not a complete snapshot of [Kevin’s] relationship with his wife, but the song is based on what he felt personally and was able to put across in the song.” 

The Bacon Brothers record and tour when they can, but their conflicting schedules make it hard to have any set routine. “We’re trying to figure that out,” says Michael, who is preparing for the fall semester at Lehman just as Kevin’s newest series City on a Hill has been picked up for a second season. That said, they have a “pretty big backlog” of songs just ripe for an album, and they have been on tour this summer. They’ll perform at New York City’s Sony Hall Sept. 19 and 20.

It’s not entirely clear when their next album will come to fruition, but Michael takes joy in the project for what it offers. “It’s nice not to be fully dependent on the band, and let the band fit into our lives and schedules where it will,” he says. “We’ve somehow been able to do that for 25 years.”